Review: Spotify

Europeans have had access to the highly acclaimed ‘iTunes killer’ named Spotify for a good while now. And while it took Americans a long time to get its little hands on it, we’ve finally got it. Spotify has launched in the USA. Requiring an invitation by email, or if your willing, pay a $4.99 or $9.99/m fee I’ll get to those fee’s later though. Spotify is like an upgraded version of a Pandora. With Spotify you don’t have to wait for your favorite song to play (as you would with Pandora), Spotify is on-demand. You can create your library with gorgeous album artwork, which seems to be a weak spot for iTunes unless you buy the songs from them. Increase and decrease sound quality, and other various features. Could Spotify be a real iTunes killer? Could its array of various unique features be enough to stop Napster and Rhapsody in it’s tracks? Let’s find out.

If you’re one of the many people who don’t want to buy iTunes music but don’t want to download illegally, then you probably have a service like Rhapsody or Napster, two great music renting services. The only problem many don’t seem to realize is that with a service like that, once you stop paying, you lose all of your library. The huge collection its taken oh so very long to create is lost the second you stop paying. That’s all different with Spotify. Lets say you build a library of 500 songs, then you decide you want to pay for the $9.99 unlimited plan but after a few months, you cancel your $9.99 plan. You won’t lose your music, you’ll just be stuck on the free version. Hey, rather lose some perks on paying for the $10 dollar plan rather than lose all my music, right? Right. I feel this is a selling point that when Spotify launches for everyone, they need to boast. 
Overall, I feel that Spotify is the future of music. Spotify has a great starting foundation and with time, can really become the next big thing. I don’t have many grudges with Spotify, and thats why I have a lot of hope for the coming future. I see a future with Spotify dominating very, very soon.
-15 million songs
-Seamless interface
-Free option
-Album artwork isn’t on every song
-Minimum of 10 dollars for mobile access 
-Spoty mobile app. (Pun intended) 

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