What’s Next? Wanna write for us?

Hey guys! We’re here to check in and ask you something, what do you want

to see next? What would you like to see from this site? Do we need to change our theme, get a specific product to review, hire more writers, update more times a day? What would make you happy?

So, here is the list, please answer in the comments section. (soon to be powered by Disqus!)

-Products: Anything you want us to review?

-Theme: Do you like how we look, or should we change, how?

-Posts: Do we update enough for you? Would you like to see more news throughout the day?

-Reviews, editorials, reviews?: Would you prefer this site to have a weekly editorial, or more reviews? How about a question and answer section on the latest and greatest tech? Do you want a forum section?


Wanna write for us?

Also, to anyone who likes to write editorials and reviews, please send them into us! If you have a good editorial or a review on a product we haven’t reviewed and you want some attention, please please please send it into us and if we like it, we’ll post it under any name you want!

You can send it them to us at “allegrotechie@gmail.com


Thank you all so much for reading our site, we love you guys!



2 thoughts on “What’s Next? Wanna write for us?

  1. MHazell says:

    I like everything so far. I love the snowflakes theme. Must be a new HTML5 thing. Just waiting for Disqus commenting.

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