Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out now!

Described as the best version of Android ever, Ice Cream Sandwich is slowly rolling out to the Nexus S today right here right now! Google has said that the GSM version will be getting the update first and then the Sprint version (AKA 4G) will be getting the update ‘soon’. So if you own a Nexus S, run to your phone and check for updates!


9 thoughts on “Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out now!

  1. Nexus-s-user says:

    How do i update my nexus s 3g?

  2. @MHazell,
    Not to good, we don’t think we can get Disqus on this type of wordpress account, we can be wrong though. Any ideas?

    • MHazell says:

      I went and Binged How install Disqus on WordPress and got this link as a first result. This is only for self hosted from what I see on that page.

      Here was the search page from Bing:

      By the way I do have a Blogspot if you are interested in seeing it. I’m still working on it now. Disqus only took me 1 minute to set up.

      • Sure! Send me your blogspot, I’ll check it out!

        Blogspot does take two seconds to set up disqus as it is a plugin while wordpress has no such thing.

        I believe you need the WordPress VIP account which cost thousands of dollars and you need to get a quote first. But I may be wrong, you may be able to do it.

      • MHazell says:

        I’ll send a Blogspot link when when I finish designing it. But as far as Disqus for WordPress goes, there is a plugin for it. You must install it. Go to WordPress and do a plugin search for “Disqus Commenting System”. Disqus should be the first result.

      • MHazell says:

        Hey if you are a user, Disqus does not work on It only works on Also click on my name to go to my site.

    • MHazell says:

      Did you get my other comment for setting up Disqus for WordPress?

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