Samsung Focus S Review

Samsung Focus S Review



Here we have Windows’ newest smartphone, the Samsung Focus S. A classic Samsung look and an 8-MP camera stolen from its android brother, (the Galaxy S II) make this a top tier windows phone. There’s no doubt that Samsung has once again created a quality device, but we aren’t so sure it lives up to it’s expectations–especially when you consider the competition from Apple and Google.



The Focus S has a sleek design, one that is very simple. Its look closely resembles the Galaxy S II (International or AT&T Model). Hide the capacitive buttons and I wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. It has a textured back that is clearly made out of cheap material–which you may or may not like. At under a centimeter thick, the Focus S measures into a minimalistic and skinny piece of hardware. 7/10


Reception & Data Speeds

The Focus S runs on AT&T’s HSPA+ network, which they consider to be 4G. Truth be told, the speeds you get won’t top 5-7 megabits per second as download speeds, and 1-2 upload speeds, so if you are looking for speed, you will want to wait it out for the next batch of windows phones or just go with an android LTE phone.  The phone call reception is fantastic, and I can’t complain about muffled sounds–in fact I could hear the caller quite clearly. 9/10



The Focus S’s display is absolutely stunning. The bright Super AMOLED Plus screen is not wasted on the devices 4.3 inch display. Colors pop out, blacks are deeper, and it is the same high quality we saw on the Galaxy S II. The display is beautiful from any angle you look at it from. Text is crisper than I’ve seen on any mobile phone. The only issue with the display on this device was that we saw a bit of pixelation when doing things like watching a movie on Netflix, or a playing a youtube video, however it was generally a fantastic viewing experience. 8/10



The Focus S has a camera button on its lower right side, a power button on its upper right, and volume buttons on its left. One thing I noticed was that the buttons sticked out more than other smartphones, making them easy to accidentally press. Like all Windows phones, it has three capacitive buttons below the screen; back, home, and search. Above the screen is its front-facing camera. The Samsung Focus S runs on a 1.4GHz, single-core Qualcomm processor which allows Windows Phone Mango to run very smoothly, due to hardware acceleration and the light load it takes to run the software. I think Samsung made the right choice with this SoC, and you won’t notice any lag at any time. 9/10



The Focus S’s camera is easily one of the best mobile cameras on the market. Its stunning 8-megapixel sensor takes breathtaking pictures. The Focus S’s photo quality and color accuracy is incredible. The Focus S has a 1.3-megapixel camera on the front. Yes, I know it seems dull compare to the back-facing camera, but it’s definitely decent enough for video chatting. The Focus S is not only a smartphone, but a great camera as well, and when Microsoft releases integrated Skype support, be ready for a mind blowing experience. 9/10


The Bottom Line

I can’t stress enough the specs that this phone packs into a nice “Samsungy” design. That being said, I can’t recommend it over any of the newer Windows Phone devices coming out int he next few months. Even if you are getting a Windows Phone powered device, I would have to suggest something like the Lumia 900 on AT&T over this. At the end of the day, all Windows Phones are guaranteed to have the same hardware requirements and run perfectly smoothly, so why not take the one with the better camera, design and reputation. The answer is that you should take that one. 8/10



Pros: design, camera, 4G, Mango OS, AMOLED+ display, and more

Cons: 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, buttons on side of phone stick out too much


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    Another great review!

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