iPad 3 to have tactile display?

With the iPad 3 announcement hours away, the latest rumor points to something strange, but incredible. Coming from Pocket-lint, the rumor states that the iPad 3 will have a tactile display. That means that you can feel what you’re touching, on the touchscreen. If there’s a picture of sand on the screen, you truly feel the sand. Pretty amazing. The iPad 3’s invitation even hints at this, right where it says “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” Does that mean tactile? We’ll find out in a few hours!


One thought on “iPad 3 to have tactile display?

  1. MHazell says:

    That does sound amazing.

    Hey AllegroTechie, when are you going to get Disqus installed on this site? It’s real easy.

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