Soon, I return!


Welcome readers, I’m coming back, soon! I know that we’ve been idle on this site for a long time, but I realized I had something with this and I need to get back to it. This is it, the real deal. I’m ready to commit to a long time of writing and I want this blog to go somewhere. In no way am I saying soon this site will be the new ‘Verge’, but I want to gain back my strong reader base and grow even stronger! I was so happy when I maintained this blog and I want to get back those special feelings I had when I wrote here, so I’m here and I’m here for good, better or worse. The site may go over changes like a new host (possibly) and I may revamp the comment section and theme of the site. I’m also contemplating whether I should change the whole concept of my site. What I mean by that doing something different, different than what ever other blog does. Other blogs and sites give you a headline with a long article explaining the details, and the main ideas from the article get lost in all the ‘fluff’. I want to bring you a site with less fluff, and more, pure news. I give you a headline with the main point of the story (Example: Galaxy Nexus taken off Google Play site, no longer available for purchase) and the story being: “It’s been confirmed that Apple posted the 96 million dollar bond to officially ban the Galaxy Nexus in the United States. Now that the bond is posted, the phone has been taken offline and the ban is officially in place.” Done, that’s it. Short and simple, will everything you need to know in as few sentences as possible. Now I’m not saying I’m going to condense major stories into two-three sentences, I’m just saying I want to cut down as much as possible and just give you the news. I don’t plan on cutting down reviews I do, as I feel those should just a detailed as they were before if not more. Also, I plan to do a weekly editorial. I’m not positive on the day I’ll post it, I’ll try to make it on the same day every week, but we’ll just have to see how it goes. I will be adding some new features to the side bar of the site too, like polls, a forum section and a donation section. While you may be saying “Now he wants me to donate just because he writes?” Well, sort of. I’d appreciate donations in order to buy products to review. Of course, right off the bat, I’m not expecting to get 1000’s even 100’s of dollars (let alone 50 bucks), but what I do make can be put to buying new gadgets in order to review. Eventually if the sites gains enough viewers, I don’t need the money to buy products and can go about getting them from the manufacture themselves in the form a review unit. A review unit is a product the manufacture sends out to blogs and sites in exchange for a review. You don’t get to keep them (usually), but you get it for a month or so and get to use it to your liking.

Also, there’s one more major change I’m making to the site, I’ll be shifting it to a mobile only site. What I mean by that is I will mainly write my stories, editorials and reviews on mobile phones and tablets. I’ve always had a stronger interest in phones and tablets than anything else, and while I’m not going to completely rule out new announcements lets say of a new Macbook Pro/Air or major PC, you’re going to see most of the stories focus on mobile tech. I hope that you can all understand the changes I’m making to the site and can give me feedback on what you think you’d like to see.

Thank you all for being, faithful, loyal readers, and enjoy the new!

Thank you for reading!


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