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The Price is Right

As early reviews of iPad Mini come in, the common factor between them all is the fact that they claim the $329 price tag is too high. Reviews state the price is only justifiable if it gets a 2012 spec bump, such as a Retina display and a new A6 processor. “Its high price and low resolution display make this a definite first generation” -WSJ While its price and display are highly criticized, its price is fine. Just as Schiller said at its unveiling in California, it’s the cheapest iPad yet. That means a lot. iPad sales have never been as high as iPod or iPhone sales, and that has to with price. You could only get an iPad for 500 dollars, until the iPad with Retina display rolled around, bumping the iPad 2 to $399. This was a major boost to sales, even Apple admitted its best selling iPad was the $399 iPad 2, so why not the $329 iPad Mini? Average consumers were just fine with the 165 PPI of the iPhone 3GS, and dazzled at the even lower 132 PPI of the iPad 1 and 2. The iPad Mini nearly ties with the 3GS at a low but decent 163 PPI.

As I write my iPad Mini review which should be posted soon, I can’t help but notice the large pixels when reading text, but watching videos, views photos and quickly browsing the web is fine. Its display is more than sufficient, colors are vibrant and contrast ratios are rich. While it certainty is no Retina display, it beats the original Kindle Fire’s display which is now being sold for a modest $149. iPads have always been, and always will be a hit, but a starting price of $499 makes it far from ‘impulse buy’ territory. Crafting a lighter, thinner and sexier iPad at a low price of $329 is sure to make this a stocking-stuffer this coming holiday season, and if retailers can make some iPad Mini+free case bundles for black Friday, you can expect Mini sales to top 10 million by the end of December.


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