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Nexus 7 Pre-Orders Shipping

Were you one of the lucky ones? Did you Pre-order yourself a Nexus 7 from the Google Play store them self? Because if you did, you order should be shipping. As noted by TheVerge, all Play pre orders are shipping and are expected to deliver in 3 business days. Other retailers like GameStop and Staples are expected to sell the quad core tablet by weeks end and other local shops and websites will sell it shortly as well.
So, if you’d like to pick one up yourself, click here and keep in mind, tax and shipping does apply.

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Lucky holiday shopper picks up a Verizon Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy

Do you love LTE speeds mixed with the best Android phone to date? Well then the Galaxy Nexus is the phone for you! Verizon, said to be the only carrier in the US to hold the Nexus was supposed to (by rumors) release the phone for 299.99 on a two-year contract on December 8th. Now though since it’s December 11th with no date in site, people are getting angry. Regardless of it not being released yet, that didn’t stop a Kansas man from getting one. The Best Buy didn’t get the memo that they weren’t supposed to sell it and sold it to the man. Since Best Buys already have it…well then…Whats the hold up Verizon?!

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