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AT&T adds new data plans, 3GB for $30, 300MBs for $20, 5GB + tethering for $50

Remember the day that AT&T announced that their unlimited plans would go bye-bye? Everyone, including myself was upset at the new plans, and felt that they were getting ripped off that 2GBS of data was now $25 bucks. For only $5 dollars more, you used to be getting unlimited. Don’t forget though it wasn’t true unlimited though, it was really 5GBs. Regardless, AT&T feels your pain, so they decided to add back higher data plans. For $30 bucks (which used to get you unlimited/5GB), you can now get 3GBs of data. For about $20 bucks, they’ll give you a tiny little 300MB of data. But if you pay a whooping 50 big ones, Ma Bell’ll give you some 5GB of data, plus a tethering option. They’ll be available on Sunday, the 22th of January. So, will you switch?