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All models of Blackberry Playbook now priced at $299.99 Update: It’s Down! Update x2:Up again!

After a day of rumors, RIM made the new prices official, all Blackberry Playbook’s are now priced at $299.99. Even the 64GB. It makes us wonder why anyone would pick the 16GB if the 32GB or 64GB were in stock? Hmm, anyway, click here to head over to RIM’s site and pick up a Playbook of your own.

Update:It seems to be that RIM’s shop site is down.

Update x2:Back up again, now go buy yourself an iPad or Galaxy Tab!


Blackberry Bold 9900 Review

By Alex Allegro
“This is definitely the best Blackberry yet, Playbook included.”
Said to be the best Blackberry yet, the Bold 9900 (9930 as a CDMA model) is the first member of the Bold family to feature a gorgeous touchscreen, and trackpad. Clocking it’s Snapdragon processor at a modest 1.2GHz, the Bold treads into territories RIM has never gone into before. Regardless of this phone featuring a tiny 2.4 2.8 inch screen that has something RIM is calling “Liquid Graphics”, this phone actually does have a really nice display that you just can’t stop staring at when viewing a nice image. Could this phone really be a contender in the wild smartphone race? Is it really the best Blackberry yet? Or is its screen and lack of intriguing apps going to handicap it just too much? Read on past the break to find out!